I'm Casey: a writer, artist, and fashion enthusiast living just outside of Washington, DC. I'm married to a sweet graphic designer, David, who buys me Jelly Bellies and takes me to the beach. We have a violet-eyed 1-year-old daughter, Violet Moira.

I've always been a kind of artist: as a kid, I'd sort my crayons by color and then draw squares of my favorite palettes in my coloring book margins. As I got older, those color swatches turned into paper scraps and I began falling in love with collage. That interest in texture and color then translated to clothing, and I started to explore the world of fashion and styling a few years ago. You'll see a mix of all these interests here on The 29th.

Everything I've picked up when it comes to color, collage, and clothes has been by trial & error, but I've learned along the way that the idea behind art and fashion and even a lifestyle is fundamentally the same: getting inspired, picking out what you love, layering it together, and creating something beautiful.

So that's what I'm trying to do with this blog: it's a collection of things that catch my interest and/or inspire me. This is my place to curate, style, write, and be creative. You're welcome to follow along, send me your styling questions or thoughts, and be inspired too. 

Click here to send me questions about how to work with what's in your closet: if you've got clothes you're not sure how to style, or if you're in need of outfit ideas, I'd love to work with you!

Interested in a commissioned collage project? I'd love to hear from you. For some of my past work, go here & here.