Friday, May 31, 2013

Girl Friday: Sarah P

This is my friend, Sarah!
A talented makeup artist and photographer, Sarah has long inspired me with her fashion choices and daring makeup experimentation. She sees the connection between fashion & makeup and other artistic mediums so clearly, and uses her wardrobe and talent as a way to share her passion for art. I've often seen her wearing (and pulling off brilliantly) things that I would only dream of trying.

I'm so excited to share her interview with you all -- and even more excited to inform you that Sarah will be guest posting on The Twenty Ninth in the next couple weeks, sharing makeup tips & tricks and answering frequently asked questions about makeup. Stay tuned for that soon! But for now -- here's Sarah's interview.

*   *   *   *   *
The Twenty Ninth: Tell us a little bit about what you're currently doing.
Sarah: I just recently moved to NYC to attend makeup school at the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy. I'm in the full program, covering beauty & fashion, television & film, and stage & artistic make up. It's been awesome to learn from such talented instructors and alongside people who share my passion for this craft!
TN: Describe your style in a few words or a phrase:
S: A fusion of classic/preppy with with a little bit of indie/bohemian. Theoretically, I like to draw inspiration from all fashion genres, but those are the ones that make it into my closet most often. I'm trying to really stretch my fashion sensibilities as I've recently moved to NYC and you can get away with a lot here!
TN: How has your style evolved over the years?
S: A short style history: 
  • Age 5: Received clothes as a gift for Christmas. Wailed in disappointment.  
  • Age 10: Received more clothes for Christmas: my first pair of bell-bottoms (in the peak of the bell-bottoms resurgence) and a 70's inspired shirt from my grandpa.  Couldn't be more thrilled!
  • Age 15: Entire closet dictated by the aesthetic of American Eagle and Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Age 20-now: A hodgepodge of lots of different styles, stores, and inspirations! I really appreciate the rich experience that results from drawing from a diverse multitude of resources and inspirations.  

TN: Any fun/embarrassing clothing mishaps or stories you want to share?
S: Ummm, my whole childhood? I was pretty much a dweeb. Glasses, braces, big headbands & scrunchies, etc… I had a long geek phase.
TN: Who are your style influences?
S: As far as an inspirational person, mostly Mary-Kate Olsen. (Don't judge.) Beyond that, I'm inspired by fashion ads & magazines! W magazine, J.Crew ads, Vogue, Free People ads, musicians, etc. Also, I've recently been very inspired by NYC street fashion.

TN: Where's your favorite place to shop?
S: I love getting things for less than you're supposed to pay for them. So for me that means shopping at thrift & consignment shops (Unique Thrift, Salvation Army & Current Boutique in DC, plus a whole host of new places in NYC!), off-price stores (TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, Loehmann's, Off The Rack), and hitting the sale racks at stores with great style & higher prices (Club Monaco, Banana Republic, Free People, etc). I end up enjoying the clothes I got for a bargain the most! (i.e., a pair of leather oxfords I got for $3 at a thrift store.)
TN: How do you pick out an outfit?
S: I generally start out with either the mood of the outfit I want to wear, or think about where I'm going and what I'm doing that day, then just build from those starting points. Sometimes I'll look for one piece that inspires me, and build around that.

TN: What's your favorite thing in your closet to wear, and why?
S: Probably anything that's perfectly tailored. It just feels so RIGHT when you wear it! :-)

TN: Any shopping tips or fashion advice you'd like to share?
S: A few things:
  1. Try to challenge yourself to make different silhouettes and combos with your outfits! It's easy to get stuck in a rut of buying the same type of pieces all the time. I am the first person that's guilty of wearing the jeans-and-shirt combo too often. My most fashionable friends wear the jeans & shirt combo only on occasion, not as the foundation for every outfit. Check out The Sartorialist blog for inspiration!  
  2. Get a fashionable friend to go shopping with you! Ask them to pick out an outfit for you, try it on and see if it's something you want to try. You can also just run your fashion experiments by your friends whose style you admire.   
  3. HAVE FUN!  Fashion should feel enjoyable, not obligatory. Take risks on the things that interest you. Don't try something provocative or risky just because you think you should, wear the things you like! But don't let yourself get lazy and stop caring, either. Beauty makes life much richer!

*   *   *   *   *

Can't wait to share more of Sarah's tips and photos with you all in her upcoming makeup series!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tees 101: Necklines

necklinesThe key to necklines is finding an appropriate skin-to-fabric ratio, based on your body type. Leaving the correct amount of skin exposed between the neckline and your chin can help to create a flattering balance. To find this balance, it helps to consider your shoulder width, bust size, and neck length.

We're also going to have to all just get over the fact that we need to talk about busts and bust sizes... Because they are a major factor when it comes to necklines. So get all your giggles out now.

The basic of the basic. High, rounded, and fitted around the neck.
Works Best For: Those with smaller bust lines and longer necks.
While a relaxed crew (a neckline that's almost into scoop-neck territory) or a crew neck on an oversized slouchy tee might be okay, those with larger busts will be better off picking a slight scoop neck or v-neck tee, since crew necks can tend to accentuate the bust in an unflattering way, as well as making it appear lower.

Ranges from high to deep.
Works Best For: V-necks are universally flattering, depending on neckline depth. They elongate the torso and draw attention to the face. Particularly great for those with medium-larger busts and those with fuller, rounder faces.
Treat a high v-neck similar to a crew neck: high necklines draw more (bad) attention to the middle. With deep v-necks, most of us probably need to layer it over a higher necked cami or tank in order to remain somewhat decent. If v-necks are your best fit, look for a V that's high enough to keep you comfortably covered, but low enough to create a good skin-to-fabric balance between your face and the neckline.

Scoop Neck
Ranges in depth and width; includes U-necks.
Works Best For: Just about everyone! Because this style accentuates the collarbone (a slimming, attractive feature on pretty much everyone), this is a flattering choice for many. Like v-necks, scoop necks help elongate the torso and draw attention to the face.
Beware super-low scoops and their lack of coverage. Wide scoop necks should be avoided by those with broad shoulders, as it'll make them appear wider.

Boat Neck 
A high cut but wide neckline.
Works Best For: Those with narrower shoulders and smaller busts. Can also help offset wide hips.
If you have broad shoulders, boat necks will only make them appear wider. Also, those with larger busts will run into similar issue as with crew necks.

If you have other questions about necklines, leave a comment below or email me!

All photos in this post are via J.Crew

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tees 101: Fits

Multipurpose, multifunctional, multiawesome... But what kind of tee should you wear, and when? Don't be a victim to the way your tees fit -- make them work for you!

For the purpose of simplicity, we're going to talk everyday fits and gloss over more nuanced or style-specific tees like cropped, destroyed, vintage, henleys, etc.

The Basic Tee
Your typical, run-of-the-mill, Hanes kind of deal. Baggy fit; floppy sleeves and boxy hem.
via Pinterest
When/How to Wear: With skinny jeans or slim-fitting pants, a pencil skirt, layered under a jacket or cardigan (with slim pants). The key is to balance the oversized fit of the tee with a slender fit on the bottom or over it (i.e. a jacket), so you don't look oversized all over. Stick to classic white, or plain solid colored versions of these kind of tees. Concert tees (or a tasteful graphic print) are great, too!

Avoid: Any shirt you received for participating in something. You know what I'm talking about. Those one-size fits all tees with crazy graphics & bad fonts that spell out the details of the activity you got the shirt for. Those have their nostalgic time & place, of course... Consider making them workout shirts, pajama tops, or around the house tees.

The Basic Fitted Tee
Not too big, not too small, not too loose, not too tight.
via Pinterest
When/How to Wear: With, on, on top of, underneath everything! Layered or alone, this all-around well-fitting tee can be the workhorse of your basic wardrobe. The one thing is to make sure to pick the correct size. You want a fit that makes you look your best, something you can live in, day in and day out. Don't go off the size the tag says -- consider every aspect of fit when picking out your arsenal of basic tees and go with the size that complements your body type the best, such as:

Length: Those with longer waists, be sure to go for a longer hem. Shortwaisted? Try for a hemline that hits you at the top of the hips or slightly below, to create the illusion of length. In between-waisted? You can't go wrong with a tee that hits you right at the hips (like in the picture above).

Fabric tightness: Shouldn't be too tight or too loose. A well-fitting tee should skim your body and be forgiving enough to cover over any bumps or tummy pooches.

We'll talk more about finding the perfect tee for your body type in the next few posts -- a lot of it also comes down to sleeves and necklines.


The Slouchy Tee
Fitted through the sleeves & upper torso; more and looser fabric on the bottom.
via Emerson Fry
When/How to Wear: Front-tucked into slim or well-fitting flare-legged pants. With shorts. Front-tucked into a pencil skirt. Knotted at the waist over a dress or high-waisted skirt. Try a wider neckline slouchy tee over a colorful tank or camisole. Because this type of tee is slightly more fitted, you don't have to worry as much about balance, but do keep it in mind.

Avoid: Don't pair slouchy tees untucked over swingy skirts, baggy pants or otherwise slouchy bottoms. If you tuck the tee (at least in the front, like in the picture above), you can get away with it. Tucking creates a slimmer line around your torso and prevents the "I'm wearing a sack" effect.

Slouchy tees are my personal favorite. They usually provide enough shape (both in the sleeves and the way they skim the upper torso) to help me appear slim, while being forgiving enough in the middle to hide any post-pregnancy tummy while I'm shaping up.

The Baby Tee
Usually tight fitting all over with cap sleeves.
via Shade Clothing
When/How to Wear: A baby tee will ensure clean lines and a streamlined look, making it perfect for wearing with skirts (tucked or untucked depending on length of the tee), under cardigans/jackets, or with linen cargos or other baggier pants.

Avoid: Midriff skimming hemlines. Overly tight fabric. Avoid baby tees altogether if you are more curvy -- the cap sleeves and tight nature of this style won't complement your body type.

Any questions about making a fit work for you or how to style a particular type of tee? Leave a comment or shoot me an email!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tees 101: The More You Know

via J.Crew

This email from my friend Kari was the final kick in the pants I needed to actually do a series on finding the perfect t-shirt that I'd been considering for a few months. 
Can you please find me the perfect T-shirt? What would work for a boyish frame, worn with jeans?  I like a slouchy-but-feminine look, but am open to anything. I'm saving toward a big wardrobe investment this coming summer, so price isn't a big concern.  

If you have time and could also address making this T-shirt look chic with accessories (rather than layers/other clothing), that'd be excellent too!
Tee, t-shirt, Tshirt, tee shirt.... does anyone really even know the correct name, spelling, and hyphenation for these cottony marvels of nature? For this blog series' purposes, I will be using the formal "usted" and calling them t-shirts/tees. You can call them whatever you like.

You might say a t-shirt is just a shirt -- what more is there to discuss? My 12 year old self agrees with you. But, with a little bit of styling, you'll see that a tee can be transformed from a last resort, I'm-running-to-the-store-at-midnight-and-I-hope-I-don't-see-anyone-I-know fashion choice to a staple and workhorse (or rather, a magical wardrobe unicorn) in your closet.

To be clear: I am not talking about your stash of cleverly designed Hanes Beefy T's, which, if I were to lay them out, would tell me most of your life story like a jersey scrapbook. While these have their place in your wardrobe (think washing the car, working out, or absorbent housework rag), there comes a time when they must be relegated to lazy Saturdays & pajama top stand-ins. If you're tempted to make these your everyday wear, I suggest ripping off the band-aid and just donating them all (except for maybe a few that evoke very sentimental memories) in one swift motion. Hold on to any basic white Hanes tees you may have (or your manly significant other may have)... those, as you will see, can come in handy.

Basic outline of the series:
  • Fit: Types of styles and how they're best worn
  • Necklines: An overview, and finding which cuts work best for you
  • Sleeves: An overview, and finding which cuts work best for you
  • How to accessorize a basic tee
  • Recommendations for where to find tees, at every price point
I'm excited to get started and share some t-shirt magic! If you have burning questions about tees and how to wear them (anything, really -- anything), email me and I'll include it in my posts!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Swimsuits and Where to Find Them

They're the two words that strike fear into the heart of any woman... I'm not talking about "jeans shopping" or even "bra shopping." We're talking DEFCON 1: Swimsuit shopping.

I wish it was as easy as, "Ooh, cute bikini! I'll take it!" But for the majority of us, swimsuit shopping takes grit, determination, and maybe even a few shots of tequila. Even the truest of heart and bravest of the brave can be moved to tears at the sight of themselves in nylon and lycra.

What's to be done?

Corinne asks:
"Summer is right around the corner and I am in dire need of a new suit. I am not the kind of girl who likes to walk around in a bikini but I want a new suit that is grown-up, stylish, and still cute. Any suggestions? And how do you find the right kind of suit for your body? I've been wearing swim team suits and tankinis my entire life and I need something new!"
So let's talk suits for the non-bikini wearers among us... Suits for, shall we say, the regular-shaped woman?

I plan to take this opportunity to post pretty beachy pictures, by the way.

Swimsuit options include:
- One piece: The one piece suit is coming back in a big way. Lots of cute patterns and stripes and other options are out there these days.
- Tankinis: My personal recommendation. Not only do they provide range of movement, but they also make for quick bathroom trips, am I right?
- Monokinis: I... I... Just. No.

In general when you're buying a bathing suit, the areas to be careful of are mainly the mid-section and the thighs, with consideration to the bust. The neckline you choose is a personal preference kind of thing... as long as you're not completely hanging out, a lot of necklines are fair game. Just find one you're comfortable with. I will say that if you have a bigger bust avoid large embellishments like ruffles or pleating up top, as it'll only make you look bigger. Of course, if you're smaller chested, ruffles and embellishments can be your friend!

If you have a little something in the middle you want to conceal, go for a suit with ruching in the middle. The pleats will hold you in and help with hiding. There's also the blouson suit, which will hide anything you've got, and still look stylish. If you're into the bikini look but are still concerned about your tummy, a retro high-waisted suit could work for you.

Wider thighs? Consider a suit with boy shorts or a lower leg opening. You don't want anything too long, but a little length around the leg will provide some separation between the thighs, and will provide the coverage you need (both for the thighs and the backside... you don't want your butt hanging out around the edges). A close-fitting swim skirt is another option for some thigh coverage, but personally I feel like they restrict movement and weigh you down in the water. Swim dresses with a little ruffle are a better idea if you're into the skirt idea.
via Oh Pioneer
Where does one find these suits we speak of? Here are a few places to get you started:

- ModBe / Downeast Basics (cute patterns and fairly good coverage)
- LimeRicki Swimwear (some slightly weird patterns/designs, but give it a try)
- Athleta (for a no-nonsense, more sporty-yoga look)
- Gap / Old Navy / Target (not for everyone, but they occasionally will have some options)
- Macy's (they have some good tankini options this year)
- J.Crew (particularly if you're looking for a cute patterned one-piece)
- Shade Clothing (more basics, both in patterns & styles)
- Lands End (if you're looking for a very basic black or navy suit that covers everything)

If you have a favorite place to shop for bathing suits, or any suit-shopping tips you'd like to share PLEASE DO!! I'd love to hear more options. We all need to stick together and help each other out on this one, am I right?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Girl Friday: Courtney

This is Courtney!
My friend Erin nominated Courtney for Girl Friday, and it's not hard to see why! Get to know Courtney better via her interview below!

*   *   *   *   *
The Twenty Ninth: Tell us a little bit about what you're currently doing.
Courtney: I taught seventh grade social studies for five years in New England. This past summer I made a quick and unexpected career change to work on the Romney campaign. Best experience ever, but due to the way things turned out in November and the sequestration on the Hill, things did not turn out as planned. I am now managing a clothing store at the regional mall in the DC area. We'll see what the future holds!
TN: Describe your style in a few words or a phrase:
C: Preppy with a bit of a modern edge.
TN: How has your style evolved over the years?
C: I have become more comfortable with myself and have learned to accept that there are certain styles that can not be done with my 5'11'' height and DDD chest. Also, I've learned to shop my size! No one else is going to know what the tag says on the inside of your clothing, but they will notice if you are trying to pour yourself into something that is just too small. Plus, you end up looking bigger when you wear something too small for you than if you just wore your true size.
TN: Any fun/embarrassing clothing mishaps or stories you want to share?
C: I mean pretty much all of my fashion choices from the age of 9 to 14 shouldn't be allowed to see the light of day... And that's all we need to say about that.

TN: Who are your style influences?
C: Honestly I love looking at how 'normal' people dress. Celebrities are great, but they often have stylists and unlimited budgets -- not reality for us peasants. My best friend has amazing style -- a little bit more glam than I am -- and we definitely push each other to be more stylish, but also to take risks (she's in the pictures with me when I'm wearing the gold dress and the one with the pink dress). Also, I have a cousin (the one next to me in the picture where we are sitting on a rock ledge) who accessories her outfits beautifully and inspired me to collect a huge jewelry collection. Putting on a gorg necklace is the easiest way to elevate a jeans and T-shirt outfit into something fabulous.
TN: Where's your favorite place to shop?
C: Nordstrom Rack is my favorite place. I've learned that it's better to buy quality over quantity (especially with shoes!). The Rack allows me to do that on a teacher/ campaign worker budget. For fun pieces that may go out of style in a season or two, I always head to Forever 21 or Old Navy. Also, I can't forget about Ann Taylor! It is my go-to for suiting and dresses.
TN: How do you pick out an outfit?
C: This sounds really obvious, but I usually pick an outfit based on the weather. Don't be the stupid looking girl in a mini-skirt in the winter. Once the weather factor is out of the way, I shop based on the occasion (another duh!). It's important to take into account what you are doing during the day. When I was on the campaign, I was often up at 6 AM and not in bed until 12 AM. My outfits had to be functional, modest, easy to move in during the day, but also be able to transport easily to a dressy event at night. It takes some thought, but if you have a few key outfits to 'run to', you can not fail (and keep a pair of heels in your tote bag!). Don't forget your own comfort! The days you feel 'fat' are when you break out the empire waist dresses, and some days you feel hot, which is the time to try things you're normally afraid to wear. Don't forget that if you act like you own your outfit, people will generally accept that it's fabulous.

TN: Which part of your look have you experimented with recently?
C: My hair -- I usually keep it shorter than shoulder length, but recently I've been growing it out. And secretly I've always wanted a pixie cut. #conflicted
TN: What's your favorite thing in your closet to wear, and why?
C: Leggings and maxi dresses. I have a pair of black leggings with back pockets and seaming, and they look like ponte pants = people think I'm wearing pants and I feel like I'm wearing pajamas. Winning. I have been stopped several times while wearing a maxi dress and been told I "look so glam." Meanwhile I feel like I'm wearing yoga pants and a hoodie. Another huge win in my book.
TN: Is there an article of clothing or type of shoes you wouldn't be caught dead in?
C: CROCS. Never, ever, ever acceptable in any circumstance. Also, a Vera Bradley purse. I used to love them, but now realize that a quilt is best left on the bed.
TN: Do you have a favorite skincare or makeup product, or a favorite perfume?
C: Flowerbomb by Viktor Rolf is an amazing perfume! False eyelashes for events are a must. I am a make-up junky. The ladies at my local Sephora know me well... #shame
TN: Any shopping tips or fashion advice you'd like to share?
C: Dress for your body/ size! Most women cannot wear everything -- don't try to. Buy quality when shopping for long-term items, splurge on handbags -- they really are an investment. More ideas can be found on my Pinterest!
*   *   *   *   *

I love your confidence and advice, Courtney! (Also, your description of Vera Bradley bags was brilliant...) Thanks for interviewing.

Know someone who should be featured on The 29th? Interested in being interviewed yourself? Drop me a line: casey [at] thetwentyninth [dot] com. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Styling Saddle Shoes

Current/Elliot via Pinterest
Anyone else grow up wearing saddle shoes from Buster Brown? I had pairs in both black & white AND in pink & white.

Oxfords & saddle shoes are making a comeback in a big way, and while they're a very classic style, they can be difficult to integrate into a modern style without turning an outfit blatantly 1950's vintage and even costume-y.

My friend Erin is considering getting saddle shoes from ModCloth and writes:

"I think these little style of shoes are so cute by themselves but I'm hesitant to get them because I'm not sure how I would ever wear it. Any thoughts?"
via ModCloth

Those of us with awesome retro-vintage style could easily just throw these on with any outfit and make it work. But what about someone with a more modern style? Avoiding cutesy styling is key, so just say no to sweet collars, lots of ruffles, swingy skirts and old-fashioned/vintage cuts & lengths (unless of course that's just the look you're going for!).

Saddle shoes and two-tone oxfords are definitely statement pieces, since the style is so iconic and the color contrast is stark. As with any statement piece, the general idea/rule is to keep the rest of your outfit simple and streamlined, especially if you're going for a more modern styling.

Here are a few examples of how to make saddle shoes work:

via Pinterest // via Happy, Honey & Lark
- The styling here is more masculine, which works well with the oxford-style shoe.
- Leather pants/dark jeans are modern and sleek, providing contrast for a potentially cutesy shoes.
- The color-blocking in both the scarf and the checkered button down carry the black & white color-blocking of the shoes and makes the outfit look streamlined, consistent, and clean.

via Pinterest   //   via Pinterest
- The simple color palette of both outfits neutralizes the pop of the shoes.
- A worn-in, grunge style provides extra contrast and also helps neutralize the "dapper-ness." Specifically, the graphic tee & cut-off shorts and the ripped sweatshirt all contrast the potential "cutesy" factor and update an icon. 

Simple & Slightly Sweet:
via The Drifter & The Gypsy
- Modern colors and a simple jeans + blouse combo allow the shoes to be a statement piece.
- The polka dots hint at a retro style without screaming it, and provide a neutralizing interest point for the color-blocked shoes.
- If you do want to go a little more old school, choose just one or two pieces that speak to the retro factor, like a sweet dress, a collared shirt, a floral or vintage pattern, etc. Limiting the vintage pieces will help you avoid the costume effect. 

via Pinterest
- The preppy stripes provide a style contrast and dumb down the retro feel.
- Simple black pants and a more neutral colored shoe help keep things streamlined and modern. 
- Drinking coffee while wearing saddle shoes is always a good idea. 

Anyone else have ideas for wearing saddle shoes? Have a favorite way to style them? Share!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Girl Friday: Angie

This adorable pregnant lady is Angie:
My friend Kristen sent me Angie's info, and let me know about her awesome maternity style (she's expecting in July!) and a great fashion sense overall. Get to know her better in her interview, below! Her clothing mishap in particular is not to be missed, and she also shares some great advice near the end. Enjoy!

*   *   *   *   *
The Twenty Ninth: Tell us a little bit about what you're currently doing.
Angie: I am currently a full-time LCPC (licensed clinical professional counselor) for the state of Maryland. I am married to the raddest dude I have ever met and we’re expecting our first baby this July. 
TN: Describe your style in a few words or a phrase:
A: "Eclectic-licious." Haha.
TN: How has your style evolved over the years?
A: Back in the day I used to play it safe with the ever-classic black and white top with black pants, or the black and white skirt with a purple or red top. My jewelry was seriously limited to a silver watch, boring earrings, a couple silver rings, and a random “not to be desired” necklace. I’m not really sure what came over me but one day I decided that my world needed to be rocked. Since I’m not rich and always made my bills first priority, I would get one “more interesting” item here and there as I could afford it. I even started changing up my make-up, moving into MAC’s cosmic world of eye color.
TN: Any fun/embarrassing clothing mishaps or stories you want to share?
A: Am I allowed to even share this in “public”? One morning when I was a junior in highschool I was rushing to get ready for school so I could make it to my chemistry test review before school started. I drove myself to school and needed to get across town quick, fast, and in a hurry. I guess I suffer from “10 minutes late everywhere I go” disorder. I got ready as fast as I could, jumped in my car, probably flew across town like only a crazed highschool driver does (yikes), pulled into the student parking, grabbed my bag and literally ran toward the science building. Halfway thru my sprint I noticed something didn’t feel right -- like something was missing but not entirely. I seriously remember stopping in my tracks and realizing the reason I felt naked was because I had gotten dressed so fast that day that I may or may not have forgotten to put my bra on. I’m no hippie and do have standards, and I was shamelessly sporting a lonesome shirt that morning on school grounds on a chilly spring morning. But maybe shameless isn’t the right word, because I turned right back around and ran to my car as fast as I could and drove home to retrieve this important and necessary article. And it goes without saying that I did NOT make it to my chemistry review that day.
TN: Who are your style influences?
A: I guess my biggest style influences would be the cutely dressed mannequins in the department stores combined with whatever’s on the sale rack, haha. I tend to make up outfits as I go.
TN: Where's your favorite place to shop?
A: I have a few places I like to hit around town that I stay loyal to: Burlington Coat Factory, Ross, and Target. Some people are deterred by the fact that Burlington and Ross require you to dig through the mess to find the jewels, but I like a good treasure hunt. I typically find pieces from these 2 stores that can be used in multiple outfits and paired with various embellishments. And as for Target, I usually head straight to the sale rack, which is hit or miss, but sometimes I splurge if I see something begging me to give it a home. However, with my growing belly and need for maternity/larger clothes, I find I’m having to spend more than I typically would if I weren’t prego.
TN: How do you pick out an outfit?
A: I typically pick out an outfit based primarily on my mood. And if I were honest -- I usually have the same mood on Friday… tired. However, the days leading up to Friday, as well as Sunday for church, I try to look “desirable,” haha.
TN: Which part of your look have you experimented with recently?
A: Honestly, being pregnant I feel like I’ve experimented with everything. Right now certain pants just aren’t comfortable with a belly band. My feet are swollen so certain shoes are no longer in the mix. And with my newly found “sausage fingers,” most of my rings are on sabbatical until further notice. So basically I’m having to get creative with limited resources but also keep my eyes peeled for bargains as I’m able to when I’m out.
TN: What's your favorite thing in your closet to wear, and why?
A: I have a couple favorites up in my closet: I seriously luhhhhv my infinity scarves. Mine are brightly colored and add an awesome pop of color to my day. I also stinkin' love all my bracelets. They all come from different places and many of them even have a neato short story behind why I own and love them…well -- maybe neato to me.
TN: Is there an article of clothing or type of shoes you wouldn't be caught dead in?
A: Yes. One that doesn’t compliment my body style and require me to be unwise with my cash-flow in order to get it. Rule #1 for me: my clothes do not in any way define who I am and therefore do not give me my worth. This frees me up to wear whatever I find, wherever I find it.
TN: Do you have a favorite skincare or makeup product, or a favorite perfume?
A: I heart my MAC and Mary Kay eyeshadows… I used to go buckwild with all different colors a few years ago. However, the closer I inched to 30, the more I moved away from the louder colors and toward the ones that draw less attention to my face. I was… an attention hog? Perhaps.
TN: Any shopping tips or fashion advice you'd like to share?
A: It’s important to first accept what your body type is and shop to flatter it, not manipulate it. By that I mean too many females wear skin-tight clothing hoping it makes them look thinner, when in reality, it does the opposite. If you’re unhappy with your body type, your clothing is not where you want to attempt to change it. Always shop for your body type, regardless what you’re seeing in magazines or on TV. Not everything is made for everyone. Also, get creative and try something new: a new color, a few fun embellishments, a ridiculously awesome shoe, or colored pants, and seriously wear it like you mean it.
*   *   *   *   *

Thanks for sharing, Angie! And congratulations on your little one!

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Found: The Perfect Sunglasses

I found them, you guys!
The new sunglasses, the Spanish Steps in DC, and the handsome guy I married.
THE sunglasses. I told you I'd follow up when they came into my life -- I didn't expect it to happen this soon, but I'm glad it did!

They're rounded, so they complement my square jaw. They're not too dark in the lenses, and they're tortoise shell, which I was looking for specifically. (My love for tortoise shell was handed down to me by my mom -- she's made the pretty brown & gold pattern look good for as long as I can remember.)

David said that because the shape of the lenses curves inward around the outside, they draw the eye down to my chin, flattering my squarish jawline rather than adding width or weight to it. They're comfortable, the right width and size, and a $14 price tag didn't hurt either.

The ironic thing is, these were actually one of the pairs I had tried on at Urban Outfitters previously and almost bought before I posted about my search. But in the end, I'm glad I stopped and did the research first -- now I know for sure that not only do I truly like them, they're also flattering. 

Happy all around!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Clothes for Cheap: J.Crew Multistripe Boatneck Tee

Another exact J.Crew replica from Old Navy, with a $30 price difference:
Old Navy   //   J.Crew
At first, I wasn't sold on the pattern of this shirt, but when I saw how Kendi from Kendi Everyday styled it, I was kind of won over:
via Kendi Everyday
What do you think?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Very Special Girl Friday

I'm so excited to introduce you to the littlest, cutest, sweetest Girl Friday we've ever had on the blog:

Beatrice Severn was born last Friday evening, a few weeks early! We're all doing very well and enjoying sweet time as a family, loving on our new little baby.

Things will be a little quieter on The Twenty Ninth for a bit as a result, but we'll be back in a week or two with a new series about finding the perfect tee shirt... stay tuned!