Monday, May 20, 2013

Swimsuits and Where to Find Them

They're the two words that strike fear into the heart of any woman... I'm not talking about "jeans shopping" or even "bra shopping." We're talking DEFCON 1: Swimsuit shopping.

I wish it was as easy as, "Ooh, cute bikini! I'll take it!" But for the majority of us, swimsuit shopping takes grit, determination, and maybe even a few shots of tequila. Even the truest of heart and bravest of the brave can be moved to tears at the sight of themselves in nylon and lycra.

What's to be done?

Corinne asks:
"Summer is right around the corner and I am in dire need of a new suit. I am not the kind of girl who likes to walk around in a bikini but I want a new suit that is grown-up, stylish, and still cute. Any suggestions? And how do you find the right kind of suit for your body? I've been wearing swim team suits and tankinis my entire life and I need something new!"
So let's talk suits for the non-bikini wearers among us... Suits for, shall we say, the regular-shaped woman?

I plan to take this opportunity to post pretty beachy pictures, by the way.

Swimsuit options include:
- One piece: The one piece suit is coming back in a big way. Lots of cute patterns and stripes and other options are out there these days.
- Tankinis: My personal recommendation. Not only do they provide range of movement, but they also make for quick bathroom trips, am I right?
- Monokinis: I... I... Just. No.

In general when you're buying a bathing suit, the areas to be careful of are mainly the mid-section and the thighs, with consideration to the bust. The neckline you choose is a personal preference kind of thing... as long as you're not completely hanging out, a lot of necklines are fair game. Just find one you're comfortable with. I will say that if you have a bigger bust avoid large embellishments like ruffles or pleating up top, as it'll only make you look bigger. Of course, if you're smaller chested, ruffles and embellishments can be your friend!

If you have a little something in the middle you want to conceal, go for a suit with ruching in the middle. The pleats will hold you in and help with hiding. There's also the blouson suit, which will hide anything you've got, and still look stylish. If you're into the bikini look but are still concerned about your tummy, a retro high-waisted suit could work for you.

Wider thighs? Consider a suit with boy shorts or a lower leg opening. You don't want anything too long, but a little length around the leg will provide some separation between the thighs, and will provide the coverage you need (both for the thighs and the backside... you don't want your butt hanging out around the edges). A close-fitting swim skirt is another option for some thigh coverage, but personally I feel like they restrict movement and weigh you down in the water. Swim dresses with a little ruffle are a better idea if you're into the skirt idea.
via Oh Pioneer
Where does one find these suits we speak of? Here are a few places to get you started:

- ModBe / Downeast Basics (cute patterns and fairly good coverage)
- LimeRicki Swimwear (some slightly weird patterns/designs, but give it a try)
- Athleta (for a no-nonsense, more sporty-yoga look)
- Gap / Old Navy / Target (not for everyone, but they occasionally will have some options)
- Macy's (they have some good tankini options this year)
- J.Crew (particularly if you're looking for a cute patterned one-piece)
- Shade Clothing (more basics, both in patterns & styles)
- Lands End (if you're looking for a very basic black or navy suit that covers everything)

If you have a favorite place to shop for bathing suits, or any suit-shopping tips you'd like to share PLEASE DO!! I'd love to hear more options. We all need to stick together and help each other out on this one, am I right?

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