Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tees 101: Fits

Multipurpose, multifunctional, multiawesome... But what kind of tee should you wear, and when? Don't be a victim to the way your tees fit -- make them work for you!

For the purpose of simplicity, we're going to talk everyday fits and gloss over more nuanced or style-specific tees like cropped, destroyed, vintage, henleys, etc.

The Basic Tee
Your typical, run-of-the-mill, Hanes kind of deal. Baggy fit; floppy sleeves and boxy hem.
via Pinterest
When/How to Wear: With skinny jeans or slim-fitting pants, a pencil skirt, layered under a jacket or cardigan (with slim pants). The key is to balance the oversized fit of the tee with a slender fit on the bottom or over it (i.e. a jacket), so you don't look oversized all over. Stick to classic white, or plain solid colored versions of these kind of tees. Concert tees (or a tasteful graphic print) are great, too!

Avoid: Any shirt you received for participating in something. You know what I'm talking about. Those one-size fits all tees with crazy graphics & bad fonts that spell out the details of the activity you got the shirt for. Those have their nostalgic time & place, of course... Consider making them workout shirts, pajama tops, or around the house tees.

The Basic Fitted Tee
Not too big, not too small, not too loose, not too tight.
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When/How to Wear: With, on, on top of, underneath everything! Layered or alone, this all-around well-fitting tee can be the workhorse of your basic wardrobe. The one thing is to make sure to pick the correct size. You want a fit that makes you look your best, something you can live in, day in and day out. Don't go off the size the tag says -- consider every aspect of fit when picking out your arsenal of basic tees and go with the size that complements your body type the best, such as:

Length: Those with longer waists, be sure to go for a longer hem. Shortwaisted? Try for a hemline that hits you at the top of the hips or slightly below, to create the illusion of length. In between-waisted? You can't go wrong with a tee that hits you right at the hips (like in the picture above).

Fabric tightness: Shouldn't be too tight or too loose. A well-fitting tee should skim your body and be forgiving enough to cover over any bumps or tummy pooches.

We'll talk more about finding the perfect tee for your body type in the next few posts -- a lot of it also comes down to sleeves and necklines.


The Slouchy Tee
Fitted through the sleeves & upper torso; more and looser fabric on the bottom.
via Emerson Fry
When/How to Wear: Front-tucked into slim or well-fitting flare-legged pants. With shorts. Front-tucked into a pencil skirt. Knotted at the waist over a dress or high-waisted skirt. Try a wider neckline slouchy tee over a colorful tank or camisole. Because this type of tee is slightly more fitted, you don't have to worry as much about balance, but do keep it in mind.

Avoid: Don't pair slouchy tees untucked over swingy skirts, baggy pants or otherwise slouchy bottoms. If you tuck the tee (at least in the front, like in the picture above), you can get away with it. Tucking creates a slimmer line around your torso and prevents the "I'm wearing a sack" effect.

Slouchy tees are my personal favorite. They usually provide enough shape (both in the sleeves and the way they skim the upper torso) to help me appear slim, while being forgiving enough in the middle to hide any post-pregnancy tummy while I'm shaping up.

The Baby Tee
Usually tight fitting all over with cap sleeves.
via Shade Clothing
When/How to Wear: A baby tee will ensure clean lines and a streamlined look, making it perfect for wearing with skirts (tucked or untucked depending on length of the tee), under cardigans/jackets, or with linen cargos or other baggier pants.

Avoid: Midriff skimming hemlines. Overly tight fabric. Avoid baby tees altogether if you are more curvy -- the cap sleeves and tight nature of this style won't complement your body type.

Any questions about making a fit work for you or how to style a particular type of tee? Leave a comment or shoot me an email!


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