Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tees 101: Necklines

necklinesThe key to necklines is finding an appropriate skin-to-fabric ratio, based on your body type. Leaving the correct amount of skin exposed between the neckline and your chin can help to create a flattering balance. To find this balance, it helps to consider your shoulder width, bust size, and neck length.

We're also going to have to all just get over the fact that we need to talk about busts and bust sizes... Because they are a major factor when it comes to necklines. So get all your giggles out now.

The basic of the basic. High, rounded, and fitted around the neck.
Works Best For: Those with smaller bust lines and longer necks.
While a relaxed crew (a neckline that's almost into scoop-neck territory) or a crew neck on an oversized slouchy tee might be okay, those with larger busts will be better off picking a slight scoop neck or v-neck tee, since crew necks can tend to accentuate the bust in an unflattering way, as well as making it appear lower.

Ranges from high to deep.
Works Best For: V-necks are universally flattering, depending on neckline depth. They elongate the torso and draw attention to the face. Particularly great for those with medium-larger busts and those with fuller, rounder faces.
Treat a high v-neck similar to a crew neck: high necklines draw more (bad) attention to the middle. With deep v-necks, most of us probably need to layer it over a higher necked cami or tank in order to remain somewhat decent. If v-necks are your best fit, look for a V that's high enough to keep you comfortably covered, but low enough to create a good skin-to-fabric balance between your face and the neckline.

Scoop Neck
Ranges in depth and width; includes U-necks.
Works Best For: Just about everyone! Because this style accentuates the collarbone (a slimming, attractive feature on pretty much everyone), this is a flattering choice for many. Like v-necks, scoop necks help elongate the torso and draw attention to the face.
Beware super-low scoops and their lack of coverage. Wide scoop necks should be avoided by those with broad shoulders, as it'll make them appear wider.

Boat Neck 
A high cut but wide neckline.
Works Best For: Those with narrower shoulders and smaller busts. Can also help offset wide hips.
If you have broad shoulders, boat necks will only make them appear wider. Also, those with larger busts will run into similar issue as with crew necks.

If you have other questions about necklines, leave a comment below or email me!

All photos in this post are via J.Crew

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