Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tees 101: My Picks for Best Tees

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The time has come to go forth and FIND that perfect tee!

It's probably going to be a trial-and-error process. Finding a favorite t-shirt, one that you will keep and love and wear for all eternity, is a deeply spiritual experience -- second only to finding your spouse, and also maybe having a kid.

In the end, it really does come down to your specific budget & lifestyle, as well as your preferences for colors, styles, textures, and quality.

Here are my recommendations for where to start, at every price point:

via Madewell
High Quality // $$$$: J.Crew, Madewell, Gap
The colors, fabric softness, and garment quality speak for themselves! These are good places to stock up on tees you'll wear all the time, for years to come.

- Don't pill as easily
- Come in a variety of fabric thicknesses
- Gorgeous colors
- Available in every neckline & style

via Target
Middle Quality // $$-$$$: Old Navy, Target, Urban Outfitters
I particularly love to get v-neck tees at these three places -- the necklines are just the right height (not too high/low), and typically very affordable.

- Good for basics for the more budget-conscious
- Old Navy pills some, Target not as much
- Urban Outfitters has unique designs and slouchier fits
- Available in many necklines & styles, but can be limited in color choice

via H&M
Middle-Lower Quality // $$: Forever 21, H&M
For those times when you need something cute, cheap, and fun -- fast. These are great places to look for prints and graphic tees.

- Great for trendier items that only need to last a season or two
- Great if you're looking for more unique styles (banded hemlines, crazy necklines & sleeves)
- Items will probably only last a few seasons, so keep that in mind as you shop

What's your favorite tee and where did you find it? Leave a comment and let us know!


  1. Believe it or not, Forever 21 is my go-to for printed tees. I know this post is primarily about basic tees, but I thought I'd share :) You have to hunt for the good fabrics (and I typically do so online because I hate in-store F21 mayhem) but it's become an annual tradition of mine now.

    1. Yes! They have great prints/graphic tees, I agree... If I'm looking for something graphic/trendy/cute F21 is one of my first stops.

  2. Wow the fedora hat sure gave life to her gray-colored tee. Love the blue tee and I usually shop for it online at WHBM because they are usually on sale.