Monday, July 30, 2012

Birthday Cards

Big cards, little cards, cards that climb on rocks...

I've been feeling inspired recently, so I've been making cards for family members as their special days pop up on the calendar.

Here are a few. Excuse the photography... I must ask you to always excuse the photography. That's just one of the many artistic bones I am missing in my body.

"Sparkler" - For Erin: Her birthday is in early July, so her collage is a proper mixture of patriotic bday enthusiasm and a dash of citron, one of her current favorite colors to wear.
"Dear" - For Laura: The girl loves horses, so this was an easy one. The texture of the polka dots mirrors the fuzziness of the horse, the strawberry (look familiar?) and the unicorn keep it from being too serious (she's 14 for crying out loud). Laura has a sweet spirit, so I wanted to capture a little of that in her collage as well.

"The Best" - For my mom: Simple, pretty things with a beachy feel - a lot of what my mom loves. "The Best" is an inside joke, and also true.

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