Monday, September 17, 2012

"running wild & looking pretty"

(pic via Pinterest)
I've been wearing headwraps a lot recently. I was looking for something new to try with my hair that wasn't too cutesy or complicated. So. Headwrap.

I was expecting to feel kind of like a poser the first time I tried it. I was expecting my older brother (of maxi skirt comment fame) to ask me if I could tell him his fortune or do his laundry or pick dandelions in a field. So I was surprised that, when I'd wrapped the fabric (from one of David's old ties) around my head, I... felt like myself. Not a poser, not a weirdo, not a hippie... just myself. It worked for me.
(Instead of a face, a cellphone. Also, my electrical outlet.)
Might not seem like a big deal. But when you find something you like, and then you just relax into it with no weirdness and no problem, it's pretty cool. It's like finding part of yourself that was out there, but that you didn't know about. And when you find it, it completes you a little bit. Makes me want to keep trying new things. Anyone who says that you're a poser just because you're trying something new doesn't know what they're talking about, okay?

This is probably sounding more philosophical than I mean for it to. But there you have it. Be brave! Run wild and look pretty! Try whatever your equivalent of a headwrap might be (maybe it's a weird pair of shoes, a new color, or jeans in a different cut?). Let me know if you find part of yourself. 

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