Friday, February 1, 2013

Style for Petites & the 5'4" & Under Set, Part 3

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Today we're finishing up our series on petite styling! Below are a few last fashion tips and a couple of links for a little more inspiration:
  • Avoid big prints. They tend to overwhelm your figure if you're short. Stick to smaller prints and patterns so your face is the focal point.
  • Always think in terms of verticality and lengthening: Even something as simple as a long pendant necklace can help with the illusion of height!
  • Things like structured jackets, well-fitting tees, and heels are your best friends. Anything that doesn't lose you in a swath of fabric will only help you. Structured and well-fitting garments will draw attention to your figure rather than drown it.
  • When it comes to length for skirts, tunics, and dresses, keep hems at the mid- to lower-thigh. Not only will that ensure that you have enough leg showing (but not too much!) to keep you looking lean and taller, but it'll also give the illusion of a longer torso as well, because you'll be more equally proportioned. 
  • Rachel Bilson has become a celebrity style icon for petite women -- Google her name and style (or do a search on Pinterest!) for inspiration. She's got some great tips and outfit ideas. 
  • Extra Petite is a blog by a 20-something gal who loves classic J.Crew style. She has a lot of great tips on how to, as a petite woman, successfully shop in the kid's section of popular stores.
  • La Vie Petite is a blog written by a petite mom with a fun sense of style. (Note: She does tend to dress very conservatively when it comes to skirt length, and honestly I don't think it's always very becoming... I'd stick to above the knee skirts/dresses if you're comfortable with it.)

Advice from Jenevieve: Some things I stay away from (as much as it pains me, sometimes) are maxi dresses, long skirts, skirts that hit right below the knee (unless I am wearing heels), capris (except the ones I work out in), and long blazers/jackets (coats are mostly exempt from this rule, because it's a practical thing).

Advice from Mindy: There are some things that you just need to be comfortable saying doesn't work best for your body type, and that's okay. One example for me was when thick belts were in a few years ago. I have an extremely short waist (i.e. no waist), so a thick belt just makes me look really boxy and thick around the middle. When belt styles became a little thinner, I still avoided them because I had it in my head that belts at the waist didn't work for me. It wasn't until late last year that I tried skinnier belts and realized that it was just thick belts that don't work for me -- thinner belts actually work great for my short/petite waist. So don't write-off of an entire style, but try to tweak it or add something to make it work for you. 

Mindy included these last couple remarks, and I thought she hit the nail on the head: It's just important to learn to be comfortable in your own skin. Tall girls wish they were shorter, petite girls wish they were taller. But the reality is there are a lot of styles that may not work the best for tall girls, short girls, busty girls, flat girls, curvy girls, long-legged girls, long-waisted girls... We all get to work with what we've got, and I think that's part of the fun of it!

Thanks for sharing, Jenevieve and Mindy! If anyone else has tips for petites, leave a comment and fill us in!

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