Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hot Pink Upgrade.

We've spent most of the past month talking about holidays and all they bring: sparkles, red, gold, etc. blah blah blah. I have to admit... I'm on holiday outfit overload at this point. Anyone else? Ready for a switch up? Upgrade? Trade in?
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Please come now, Spring.

Underneath the veneer of holiday blogging, I've been secretly longing for warm breezes and bright colors (like fuschia fucshia fuchsia. Drat. Someday I'll spell "fuchsia" correctly on the first try. Today is not that day). This happens around January 1 every year... After the holidays, I have no use for Winter and its gray, dreary, shivery existence.
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I'm ready to pack away my browns & grays & creams and bust out the color! Which is probably why I've been wearing my fuschia fuchsia (DANG IT) loafers most days. I haven't gone so far as to binge on pictures of tropical locations yet, but the only clothes I seem to be able to see currently are brights.
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April? May? June? Are we there yet?

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