Monday, December 3, 2012

Clothes for Cheap: Sweaters, the Continuing Story.

So we recently discussed critter sweaters and whether or not we'd wear them, why they make us (okay, me) uncomfortable, and also how sheep are noble and the fashion industry thinks they deserve to be displayed across the chest of the world.
How about some more sweaters? It's nearly winter, so I figure we should talk about sweaters as much as we can. Here are some sheepless cozy patterned ones I can endorse, with no awkward feelings:
Heart // Star // Dot
I like these because they're a grown up version of patterns I wore when I was little. They're reminiscent and cozy, just like the holiday season. Plus that star sweater reminds me of this tee from Madewell, so that's cool.
Plus look... all of the sweaters above are less than $30 each... and are knock offs of the following garments from J.Crew & Madewell (all of which will cost you more than $85):
Heart // Dot
Heart // Dot
Of course, if hearts and stars and polka dots make you feel as uncomfortable... this isn't exactly a respite from the critter sweaters, is it?


  1. love the new theme and especially the header.

    so any tips for wearing plaid chicly? i end up wearing long-sleeve plaid shirts a lot in the winter, and i'm NOT going for the lumberjill look.

    1. Thanks Hannah! David helped me with the header (ooof course).

      Love the plaid question! I'll answer it in a post soon! Woohoo. Also, the word "lumberjill" is amazing.