Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Currently Loving...

Just a couple of things that are making October extra cozy and colorful...
  • My Minnetonka moccasins: After two years of buying fuzzy-lined knock offs at Target, I finally decided to get a pair of Minnetonkas (thanks to Venture Card points). They're worth it: amazingly soft & comfy to walk in, they go with everything (I chose a neutral brown so I could wear them with blacks or browns). I'm in love.
  • Turquoise earrings: I was growing tired of my cubic zirconia studs (only the realest of the real for me) and I wanted something kind of unexpected but classic to wear every day. I like that these are a fun but still neutral little pop of color. And the nice thing is even though I can't afford real diamonds, turns out I can afford real turquoise.
  • Battle Born, by the Killers: The current background music at our house these days. This album takes me back to my Springsteen roots (thanks, Mom & Dad). If you're down with that kind of thing, I recommend checking it out.
  • Hot chocolate & hot apple cider: I only very occasionally drink coffee or tea (I hate coffee aftertaste, and tea just isn't compelling enough for me to attach myself to... it's glorified water), so when Fall rolls around, I like that I can finally join all my steaming drink sipping friends with a mug of my own. Homemade hot chocolate (read: made by following the instructions on the back of the cocoa container. Yes, I am gourmet) with a heaping handful of mini marshmallows is where it's at. Hot apple cider is also where it's at... but do NOT order it at Starbucks. That stuff is just heated apple juice (don't believe me? Watch them make it). Take the $5 you'd spend there and buy a jug of cider at the store and heat it on your stove top with a cinnamon stick and whatnot. You're welcome.
What are you loving this Fall?


  1. where are your earrings from!? i love them!

    1. Hi there! After searching around for exactly what I wanted, I actually found these on Ebay... here's the link!