Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Plum Pudding & Cranberry Sauce

My friend Erin texted me the other day asking for suggestions of what to wear with burgundy/cranberry red jeans. I thought it'd be a good question to cover on the blog since this deep red is a hot color this season.

Some color/pattern ideas:
burgundy jeans

  • Ivory/Cream: I recommend cream rather than white because of the warmer tone of the jeans. Typically cream looks better with warm tones, and white (although it really will go with anything) looks better with cooler tones (blues, purples, etc.) because it tends to create more of a stark contrast.
  • Charcoal Gray: A good Fall color, especially if it's a dark heathery gray. It matches well with other rich Autumn tones, and the heather of the gray adds some interest and contrast to the flat color of the pants.
  • Blush Pink/Peach: At first glance, you might think this is a disaster waiting to happen. Here's the thing... If you keep the different pieces of an outfit in the same color family (in this case, reds/oranges), most of the time it'll work. I particularly like a light pink/peach (IF you can pull this off with your skin tone -- skip if it washes you out!) with burgundy because it provides a soft, feminine contrast to the bold dark color.
  • Black: Because dark red and black is always edgy and awesome. 
  • Floral: A pattern on top will add interest to the outfit since there's a larger concentration of color on the bottom half. Pick a floral pattern with shades of burgundy/pink in it to keep the look cohesive.
  • Coral/Red-Orange: Another monochromatic option, for when you're feeling bold.
  • Stripes: Another pattern option -- keeping the outfit interesting. And stripes are always a good go-to. 
  • Navy Blue: Because burgundy/cranberry walks the line between warm & cool colors (it's basically a mixture of red (warm) and purple (cool)), in the same way that pink and coral bring out the warm rusty undertones in burgundy, navy blue will bring out the cooler, plum ones.
That's all I got!

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