Tuesday, January 29, 2013

People Watching: SAG Awards

Taking a quick break from our series on petites to talk about favorites from the SAG Awards red carpet!
Melanie Lynskey in Tadashi Shoji: Anyone else notice the amount of emerald-ish greens at this show? Color of the year, anyone? I loved this dress in particular because of the bodice design and the print. It's almost celtic.

Marion Cotillard in Dior: I admit, I'm not crazy about the top of this dress, but the skirt's color, fabric, and cut made me stop and stare. And it's perfect with the simple pointed toe black pumps.

Nina Dobrev in Elie Saab: This one is my all-around favorite. The cutouts & the sleeve length plus the color really made it stand out. Her hair and accessories work perfectly with the dress. Very chic.

Amanda Seyfried in Zac Posen: The skirt on this gown is what won me over. The piping details around the mermaid flare are just gorgeous.

Which were your favorites?


  1. Amanda Seyfried looked stunning. One of my favorite gowns of the night. Could have done without the pendant though. Overall, I was kinda ho hum about the selection. I guess the SAGs have the unfortunate pleasure of being after the Globes but before the Oscars so everyone has already used or are saving their "wow" dresses.

    A few standouts in categories:
    - Emerald! I too am in love with that color and I loved it on Alexis Bledel's fair skin and copper hair (although it looked 1 size too big on her?)
    - I was intrigued by Kerry Washington's bodice. It was at least something "different" at the SAGs.
    - Julie Bowen in that leather number. A lot of people did black that night but she stood out to me. Wasn't perfect but she looked sexy and sophisticated.

    Biggest let down goes to Claire Danes. She looked effortless at the Globes but lord have mercy she looked like a part of the Adams family at the SAGs. I'm not a huge fan of that color lipstick coming back in because I think it should only be worn by carefully. And, boy oh boy, did it wear her.

    (Side note: Did you watch E!'s red carpet coverage? Watching Giuliana interview Bradley Cooper was hilarious. She could not focus for the life of her. I mean, let's be honest, he looked pretty dapper.)

    1. So funny, because I actually thought the pendant was part of what made Amanda's look! Haha. And yeah, I think you're right... it's after the Globes and then people are saving up the major glam for the Oscars - it definitely seemed that way.

      I loved Alexis Bledel in emerald too! The color was definitely amazing on her. And it's so funny you mention Julie Bowen, because I debated featuring her as well. I wasn't sure how I felt about that much leather though. Haha.

      Um, about Claire Danes... same thing goes for Kaley Cuoco (plus Kaley's hair was... bleh). That color lipstick is awful on some people. Not a trend I'm loving. You're right, it needs to be worn carefully.

      Hahaha I did see Giuliana trying to interview Bradley Cooper... so awkward. They both seemed pretty spacey.

      I love that you love award shows like I do, Lyd :)

    2. I liked the pendant at first. But now it just reminds me of like '07/'08 when the biig chunky locket thing was really in and Forever 21 made a million of them. I still have a few stuffed away somewhere.

      Also, I meant to mention Rose Byrne. I love that women. But I was really confused with her choices at the SAGs. The dress was not my favorite but I can see some people liking it for it's couture-hot-mess-ness. But the curls! With the wavy dress! No, ma'am! Too many curves happening.

    3. That's true - it is very 2009, when everyone was wearing F21 pendants. Haha. I liked it because it was kind of art deco, and I thought it complemented the lines of the skirt well.

      Ohh yes. Rose Byrne... her look was like a Laura Ashley pin up who left her 1940's curlers in too long.

  2. I liked Anne Hathaway's! Edgy with class - loved it with the hair and seemed to go with her character win for Les Mis. Claire Danes was drama with that slit and I loved it!

    1. Anne Hathaway's hair works for her SO well. Every time I see it, I just like it more!