Friday, March 1, 2013

Girl Friday: Natalie

Meet Natalie!
My friend Kelley texted me Natalie's email address and said that I just HAD to feature her and her amazing style -- and she was right! I'm so glad to "meet" Natalie and get the chance to share her interview with you all. Please enjoy!

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The Twenty Ninth: Tell us a little bit about what you're currently doing.
Natalie: I'm in the mom biz. :) I have 3 kids: Greta (5), Will (4), and Miles (1).
TN: Describe your style in a few words or a phrase:
N: Rustic glam.
TN: How has your style evolved over the years?
N: I grew up in Alaska where you dress more in a survival mode. I never cared all that much for fashion because it always got covered by my utilitarian outerwear. Now, living in NC, I can take more liberties with my outfits and change it up from season to season.
TN: Any fun/embarrassing clothing mishaps or stories you want to share?
N: In college, I wore my tan New Balances with white tights and a khaki skirt, much to the dismay of all four of my roommates. I don't think I was really all that embarrassed as they were for me. I was just channeling my inner Avril Lavigne. :)
TN: Who are your style influences?
N: I come up with ideas in my head or something that I've seen before and google/pinterest it to make sure it looks as cool as the way I'm picturing it.
TN: Where's your favorite place to shop?
N: My closet! I've learned to try to piece my tried and true clothes together in different ways and come up with a completely different look every time. If my budget allowed, you would find me more often in Fossil, J.Crew, or Gap.
TN: How do you pick out an outfit?
N: It usually starts with a pretty color combination that I'm currently into and pulling out the clothes that fit into that category and trying them on!
TN: Which part of your look have you experimented with recently?
N: The sales lady at Fossil convinced me to try shorts with tights this fall and I kind of loved it.
TN: What's your favorite thing in your closet to wear, and why?
N: Leather. That's the rustic side in me that I love to pair with trendier things. I have brown leather boots, a watch band, shoes, and a messenger bag style purse that age with grace and make it worth getting the real thing.
TN: Is there an article of clothing or type of shoes you wouldn't be caught dead in?
N: Those red soled heels that Oprah wears (editor's note: Louboutins). Not that I wouldn't buy them if they were at a Goodwill somewhere! But $6,000 for a pair of shoes? C'mon people. Adopt a child already.
TN: Do you have a favorite skincare or makeup product, or a favorite perfume?
N: Coconut oil! It does wonders for my dry skin.
TN: Any shopping tips or fashion advice you'd like to share?
N: I love doing everything on a dime and one way to spend nothing at all and get some new pieces for your wardrobe is to have a clothing swap. Get your girlfriends together for a fun night to trade out things that you don't wear anymore or don't fit and come home with their stuff!

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Thanks again for doing the interview, Natalie!

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  1. Aw! I adore Natalie! Every time i see her, she has on the cutest outfit