Friday, August 10, 2012

Here We Go.

Well, the cookies worked. (I mean, really, have chocolate chip cookies ever failed anyone?)

Surprise, I'm making more changes! But this time I think I've figured out what I really want to do with this blog and I'm excited about it in a way I wasn't before.

I changed my About page to reflect the new direction The Twenty Ninth will be taking, but here are some specifics on what you can expect. (And if this makes you want to hightail it back to the website you were browsing before you clicked your way over here, that's cool too: fly, be free.)

I really want this blog to be for and about real people who enjoy fashion and/or want to learn more about it. I look at fashion as a kind of art, and I get excited when people discover their particular style and put their own unique spin on what they wear. My hope for this blog is to encourage you to be yourself while inspiring you to be adventurous when it comes to your style and wardrobe. Here's how I want to make that happen:
  • Interviews with friends & family who have honed their personal style
  • Q & A with readers (see below for more on that)
  • People watching: describing & recreating outfits and discussing what makes them work
  • Random personal stuff: style mishaps; clothes & trends I'm excited about and want to try; things I've learned about fashion, the industry, and shopping; tips & tricks; pictures & stories; things that have nothing to do with anything...
  • Clothes for Cheap: high end lookalikes, tips on sales/deals, ideas for achieving your look for less moola

I want this blog to become a fashion-loving community. But to do that, I need your help - I want (and let's be honest, need) to hear from you:
  • With questions about how to work with what's in your closet: if you've got clothes you're not sure how to style, or if you're in need of outfit ideas, I'd love to work with you!
  • With questions about where to look for a particular piece, or where to find cheaper options.
  • Questions about fashion in general - I want to keep learning about this topic, so if you've got questions, I'll do the research for you.
  • About blogs, art, outfits, etc. you've found inspirational and think others might too.

How does that all sound?
I'm excited to get started.


  1. Well I think you know that I like this direction. I too, am enjoying trying to put together looks for fall as I go back to teaching.

    I've been thinking today about where to find inspiration or higher end looks? Who is putting together fun and fresh looks? Because its the styling that I especially want to learn from.

    My first thought is JCrew Catalogs. What do ya think?

    1. Excellent!! So glad to hear it.

      I'm emailing you re: your questions... :D

  2. I want to know what are going to be popular looks, trends, and colors for this fall...

  3. I'd like to know how I can figure out what works for me or not... my sister-in-laws are quite stylish and can pull off lots of looks I can't (either because of body type or because they are just that cool) :o) but I'm sure I could branch out a bit more and still work it.
    So don't know what that means... maybe something about what works for what body types? Something like that?

    1. That's an awesome idea, Sarah. And I'm pretty sure you too could pull off some of those looks! It just might mean a little step outside what you're used to... which can be hard to do!